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Updated: 2022 Dec 04

My Experiences

  1. if you want to do something, the most important thing is to immediately go to research and then action.
  2. do not bother to find some Chinese video materials, go directly to the book, read more English materials.
  3. do not always want to find the most suitable time, must be the end. See the right, almost on it, make sure not to seek perfection.
  4. do not jump to conclusions. Be careful to seek evidence, bold assumptions.
  5. everything should be done before it is too late.
  6. do not try to change others, tired of heart.
  7. focus on specific goals, and carry them out.
  8. Don't let yourself get caught up in your emotions, focus on it.
  9. if you don't know how to make something better, then do more of what is good for it and less of what is not good for it.