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Updated: 2022 Nov 18

How To Crack Burpsuite Pro

  1. Disconnect the internet before cracking.
  2. Visit this
  3. Place the two files BurpSuiteLoader.jar and burp-keygen-scz.jar under the following path.

    /Applications/Burp\ Suite\

    Open the Info.plist file.

    /Applications/Burp\ Suite\

    Add the last two lines in a specific location.

  4. In this Applications/BurpĀ SuiteĀ directory execute the following two-line command.

    java -noverify -javaagent:BurpSuiteLoader.jar -jar burpsuite_pro.jar
    java -jar burp-keygen-scz.jar
  5. Manual activation, Finish.


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